A Fantastic Dining Table for an Equally Fantastic Meal

Charles Jencks once referred to architectural whimsy as the stuff of “calculated vulgarities”. Belgian designer Charles Kaisin‘s frankensteinian “The Fantasies of Charles” is certainly calculated, but also a whole lot of fun. Kaisin debuted his “Fantasies” during Art Brussels, when he hosted an event dinner to celebrate his capricious creation, a solid oak and beach table pierced by a tiny grove of spindly 10 foot tall trees. Irregularly spaced and arrayed in a seemingly random pattern, the trees shoot past the tabletop and towards the ceiling. The horizontal plank is supported by the lower parts of the tree trunks, the upper registers of which “grow” through the surface and which invariably terminate into candle holders or in branches. he large table is long enough to seat 36 guests, who dine on a seven course meal under the auspices of foliage and schools of fluttering birds.

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