A New Dining Experience, Complete with a “Piece” of the Sky

For the Ingfah Restaurant in Khaolak, Thailand, local firm Integrated Field have realized a shifting outdoor dining area composed of small interchangeable pavilions, each of which houses small or large dinner parties. Limited by the confines of the site–surrounded by buildings and without any views–the designers sought to reinvent the dining experience by means of using the resources at hand, namely the expansive lawn and the open sky. Diners graze on the grass, huddled in one of the lightweight structures that are arrayed along the yard, with a “piece” of the sky neatly framed overhead. Continue.

Pressed with time constraints and limited construction window, the designers conceptualized a space filled with “many small units” that could be quickly assembeled. These units also lend themselves to functionality and movement, being easily re-arranged to follow any composition or program.

The units, which were designed to be a “light geometric structure”, employ a steel skeleton and simple fabric to capture and frame the view of the expansive sky. The designers  compare the pavilions to giant lanterns, arrayed beneath the night sky, and intended them to help make the view of the sky even more “meaningful”.

All images of Ingfah Restaurant courtesy of Integrated Field

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