A “Skateable Artwork” That Glows in the Dark

We’ve seen the skate park used in a great many ways, from functioning as a “canvas” for artworks , a full-scale pinball machine, and even a working “office” to masquerading as a house and actually invading one. That might not be enough to qualify the skate park as a legitimate typology, but we’re not fretting about it. The latest in the novel ramps-and-bowls trend is OTRO, the world’s first glow-in-the-dark skate park.

Designed by Korean artist Koo Jeong-A, with technical assistance from L’Escaut Architecture, the “skateable sculpture”, installed in Brussels, features all sorts of splined surfaces, cradles, and tunnels, carefully cast in green phosphorescent concrete and handled with a Niemeyer-like sensibility. By day, the all-white park appears an abstract aberration, set against the deep greens and browns of nearby groves of trees; at night, the concrete-scape hums with an alien pallor the hue of enemy laser-fire in sci-fi films, glowing with the soft luminescence of a deep-ocean creature. According to its makers, the project is meant as “an art work to live, to experiment, not only from a sporting point of view but also from a sensorial, sensitive and artistic point of view.”

[via L’Escaut]

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