An E-Visit to LuxeHome, a One-Stop Shop For Architects and Designers

Though it may be the most fun part of the design process (who doesn’t love spending hours in the material library?), specifying the interiors of a project can also be the toughest part of a project. It means digging through websites, driving all over town to visit showrooms, and endless sample ordering.

The concept behind LuxeHome, a massive space in downtown Chicago, is to bring together hundreds of home design and renovation brands show their products in one place. From building materials and furniture, LuxeHome covers all the bases, making it a huge resource for architects.

But just how exhaustive is LuxeHome’s roster of brands? As it turns out, very. We wanted to test out their claims, so we selected a project from our database to test against their excellent list of boutiques. After a close look at the Flora de la Laguna House by Evelyn Herrera Architect, we dove into their website – and within minutes, found great resources to spec the tile, wood, chairs, and sinks in the images. Pretty neat, right? Take a look, after the jump.

So, what did we find on LuxeHome that would help architects and designers to get this look?


First of all, some amazing resources for designers looking for professionals who really know how to design specialized spaces. Granite & Marble Resources can create stone and marble pieces like the one you see above in the Flora de la Laguna bath. Meanwhile, Plain & Fancy work with their customers to create beautiful, hand-crafted kitchens and specialized bath spaces like this one.


Carlyle Wide Plank Flooring creates detailed wide wood flooring like the beech plank bridge above.


The really nice thing about this house is that antique pieces mix so seamlessly with incredibly modern ones. Urban Archeology curates a selection of new and antique hardware, furniture, and pluming. Poggenpohl creates elegantly modern kitchens and bathrooms using Corbusier-inspired geometry, like with this elegant outdoor “dining desk,” which are similar to the wide, minimal tables in Flora de la Laguna house (see ‘em down there in this image?).


These wall-mounted faucets from Hastings Tile & Bath echo the faucets in the house, which are so elegantly juxtaposed against natural finishes and details, like that shell towel holder.


These tiles from LuxeHome vendor Ann Sachs are a luxurious brown color called Suede that would match well with the ones that frame the Flora de la Laguna reflecting pool.


Paris Ceramics reclaims stone from ancient sites all over the world, like this reclaimed Jerusalem tile. The textures of the tiles, accessories, and basins are all offset by the clean white ceramic floor tiles.

Custom Details

Woodland Artisan Cabinetry work with their clients to create custom shelves, cabinetry, and millwork for their homes. Custom details, like this bar that turns into a ceiling detail, is their bread and butter.

There’s tons more to see over on their vendor list. Check it out!

LuxeHome is located in The Merchandise Mart Chicago. It’s open from 9-5 on Monday through Friday, and 10-3 on Saturday.

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