Archispotter’s Second 1,000 Miles: Must-See Projects From Chicago to Rapid City

As Archispotter blazes a trail across the United States, we at Architizer wanted to explore the architecture along her route. Previously, we covered projects between Boston and Chicago, and this week we cover the next 1,000 miles across the northern Plains between Chicago and Rapid City, South Dakota. First, we take a tour through Frank Lloyd Wright’s home state, Wisconsin, before moving on to Minneapolis, one of the most fertile grounds for architectural exploration in the country with projects by the likes of Herzog & de Meuron and Jean Nouvel. Finally, we cover the wide, flat, and endless plains of South Dakota. Here, we feature a couple of that state’s amazing national parks, which feature sculptures of sand and stone that reach architectural proportions. Travel across the middle of the United States with us, and enjoy some great architecture along the way. Continue.



Taliesin. Frank Lloyd Wright.

Images: Taliesin Preservation

Blair BarnHouse. Alchemy Architects.

Images: Alchemy Architects.

The Harley-Davidson Museum. Biber Architects.

Images: Biber Architects.

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