BIG Designs a Big LEGO-Like Mountain for Tianjin

The BIG-designed tower rises above the urban haze; All images: BIG via A/N Blog

BIG has unveiled renderings for a new tower in the Chinese city of Tianjin which is to be among the tallest in the world. The first renderings of the conceptual tower, officially named the Rose Rock International Financial Center, depict a wedge-like monolith rising above a cloud of fog (or pollutants?) into the stratosphere. The skyscraper is part of a new business district that will replace some of Tianjin’s maritime industrial areas, and is conceived of as the central hub for the new district’s blend of mixed-use, commercial, and historic development. Bjarke Ingels has said that the tower is inspired in part by Rockefeller Center, as it also uses “an architectural landscape of urban plazas and roof gardens designed to stimulate and cultivate the life between the buildings”–an unsurprising admission given the project’s sponsorship by the Rockefeller-run Rose Rock Group.

Climbing more than 500 meters into the air, the skyscraper is deserving of the designation ‘supertall,’ though this height is achieved in a most basic way: by mimicking the form of a mountain. Pixelated tiers rise one above the other to create a sort of elongated mound, all of which makes BIG’s physical model of the building look as though it is built out of LEGOs (which, like BIG, hail from Denmark).

Like much of BIG’s work, the design inspires a quiet joy, despite its apparent simplicity. Hopefully, it will not suffer the same fate as its supertall cousin in Dubai: emptiness.

Public space was a big focus of the project

[via A/N Blog]

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