Bowled Over By The Architectural Monograph

“Trophy”; All images: Eddy Sykes

Artist Eddy Sykes has taken all six pounds of Rem Koolhaas’s seminal tome S, M, L, XL and fashioned it into some kind of bowling ball. Part of Syke’s “Trophy Series”, the piece explores how, through lavishness and expense, the book itself transcends (or just sidesteps) the immaterial, digital forces which encroach upon its inherited sense of authority and make up for its deficiencies with size. John Hill of A Daily Dose of Architecture says it better, referencing Michelangelo’s famous assertion that “”Every block of stone has a statue inside it.” In this case, the formulation is revised by Hill when he says that ”Every bowling ball has an architecture book inside it…” Each of Sykes’ sculptures, or balls, is based on the Brunswick “Black Beauty” and is hand carved with the big books peddled by architectural giant Le Corbusier, Koolhaas, and others.

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