Buijtenkeuken, A Mobile Kitchen That Celebrates Sustainable, Local Production

Photo: Ralph Kämena

The Land of Buijt Rhoon is a unique landscape that stretches through the Netherlands, with rural avenues sharing the same scenic view as their urban neighbors. With  an atmosphere facing developmental demands from both city and country, designers are hard pressed to identify solutions to best maintain the area while also developing new uses for recreation. With these considerations in mind, Studio Elmo Vermijs conceived the “Buijtenkitchen”, a compact, movable kitchen inspired by former cook and boil houses used to bake bread for farmers and local communities.

Photo: Ralph Kämena

The design’s elemental form alludes to the mobile cook houses found in the outskirts of Rhoon. The kitchen itself is entirely mobile, transported by tractor wagon, and houses a central wood-burning oven as well as tables, counters, storage and a water supply.

Photo: Sergio Gambetta

The tour of the Buijtenkitchen follows the harvest calendar, with cherry, asparagus, plum, apple, pear and even potato yields all playing important seasonal roles. The mobile kitchen participates in such public activities as the local daily market, Rotterdam and Buijt Harvest activities and other individually organized events. As part of the Cooperative Workshop Buijt Land, the kitchen is also used for educational programs, special catering and laboratory preparation. The Buijtenkitchen is an important link between rural and urban development, allowing guest chefs to use local ingredients to develop and discover both old and new preparation methods.

Photo: Sergio Gambetta

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