Favela Painters Haas & Hahn Paint Philadelphia’s Germantown Red (and Orange, Yellow, Green…)

Image via DutchArtEvents.

Dutch art duo Haas & Hahn has a shtick that sticks: the pair, comprised of Jeroen Koolhaas (yes, a direct descendent of Rem) and Dre Urhahn, is known for their colorful mural makeovers, which have most famously turned the slums of Rio de Janeiro into vibrant tributes to ROYGBIV. But what happens when the Favela Painters leave the favelas? Well, they head to Philadelphia.

According to KnightArts, the duo has relocated to North Philly for a yearlong artists’ residency, and, with paintbrushes in hand, they are to convert a “visually inconsistent” corridor on Germantown Avenue into a unified spectacle. Though their patented approach has drawn some criticism (a coat of paint seems almost literally like a cute Band-Aid slapped on more pervasive urban woes), the Germantown revival seems at a more appropriate scale—and in a more appropriate site in general—for Haas and Hahn’s noble artistry. Koolhaas and Urhahn have begun the early part of their one-year tenure hosting barbecues, visiting local businesses, and studying the routines and goings-on of a neighborhood with which they are admittedly unfamiliar. “We feel respectful and defensive of the neighborhood,” Urhahn told KnightArts. “They are wary of people coming in. They want to see positive change.” The aura of site-specificity is certainly there.

Designs have been set, and the painting process, powered by the volunteered assistance of Philadelphia locals, will span from May into the fall of this year.

Image via ArtInfo.

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