Lamps Made With Slices Of Light

The Brecce Collection is a series of innovative lamps created by Italian designer Marco Stefanelli for the Milan Fuorisalone 2012. The designer gathered objects nearing the end of their lifespans and decided to give them a chance at regeneration. The gathered objects ranged from pieces of architecture to firewood; in each case the item was chosen due to its emotional resonance. Slices were cut into the objects and then filled with LED-embedded resin.

The lamps take on an almost magical appearance as the diffuse light seems to be radiating from the object itself, as if slicing into the object revealed its life-energy. The project, then, is a powerful testament to finding new uses for old objects. Not only are they intrinsically beautiful, due to the accreted signs of the passage of time, but they can add up to something much more elegant and poetic than they were originally intended for.

Images: Marco Stefanelli via CONTEMPORIST

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