Magic Mountain Lodge, Exposing the Similarities Between Patagonia and Middle Earth

Located in the dense forest region of northern Patagonia, the Magic Mountain Lodge is has become a base camp for visiting ecotourists. The conical structure sits on the Hulio Hulio biological preserve in Chile, a 600 square-kilometer park rich in diverse flora and fauna. The lodge takes its unique, almost paleolithic form from local legends that tell of a “magic mountain” capable of realizing one’s every wish.

Sporting a thick skin of stone and vegetation on the exterior, the hotel blends into its green surroundings, the whole picture evoking memories of a far away, fantastical realms. A spout at the peak of the pyramid spills forth a cascading flow of water down the inclined garden, from out under a series of arched windows bob in whimsical fashion. Continue.

The lodge offers guests an option of 13 rooms, each one named after local species of birds and plants. Taking inspiration from the inherently rustic nature of the preserve, the Magic Mountain Lodge features wood heavy interior finishes and even hollowed tree stumps that have been made into hot tubs. There are plenty more amenities available, including a bar, restaurant, sauna, not too mention additional excursions like ski tours, white water rafting and, of course, a mini golf course. The lodge is among the sole signs of development in the preserve, whose goal is to conserve the area’s wild, even magical character that draws in tourists from all around the world.

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