New Resort In Vietnam Keeps You Cool

The “i Resort” is located near a small hill across the river from the Vietnamese coastal city of Nha Trang. Built to accommodate the growing demand for hot springs and spas, the resort features mud baths as well as simple swimming pools, all nestled in a suitably tropical setting of palm trees, flowers, and thatched huts. Designed by a21stud?o, the Vietnamese architecture firm who previously designed a house with tree inside of it and an office made completely out of stone, the i Resort seems rooted in the vernacular but with a nice hint of sleek minimalism.

The resort has a number of passive cooling features built in to combat the potentially oppressive heat and humidity of the tropical latitudes. Rooms are situated around open-air pools; when wind passes over them, evaporation removes heat from the surrounding area. In addition, native flora are woven through the gardens between buildings, creating arbors and trellises to shade resort patrons while providing brilliant splashes of color to the seven acres of grounds. Click through for more.

Evaporative cooling keeps the rooms at a pleasant temperature

Tropical greenery is woven through the resort’s grounds

Mud baths

Images: Hiroyuki Oki via designboom

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