Olympic Stadium Wrapping To Be Recycled In Rio And Uganda

Now that the Olympics have ended, the future use for the sports venues is on many a Londoner’s mind. While organizers have taken great care to lay plans in place to rehabilitate 6 of the 8 permanent venues, the future of the main Olympic stadium. That may not yet be determined, but Olympic sponsor Dow Chemical is already ensuring the recycling of the 306 fabric panels that adorn the outside of the stadium.

The main stadium was designed to be partly dismantled after its 15 minutes of fame, reducing the original capacity of 80,000 down to a mere 25,000 seats. Dow Chemical, who provided both the materials and the manpower to complete the stadium wrap, is now donating the majority of the fabric panels to be re-used for youth projects in Britain, with the remaining panels to be recycled into new construction materials by Axion Recycling.

In addition to the aforementioned reuse, approximately 20 of the fabric panels (each 25 meters high and 2.5 meters wide) will be donated to the charity Article 25.

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