Paper Sculptures At An Architectural Scale

New York-based artist Yun Woo Choi is an adept at sculpting paper, but unlike origami or those hip vases made of rolled strips of newspaper, his work approaches an architectural scale. Filling rooms of galleries, Choi’s sculptures are composed of triangular tubes of paper secured together with wire and resin. This allows them to achieve gravity-defying shapes and forms, deftly sweeping from floor to ceiling, or wrapping spaces in giant spirals. The work is satisfying because of the viewer’s ability to understand it at the scale of a room, as well as at the scale of individual tubes meeting their neighbors.

The artist sees the work as expressive of a certain dualism inherent in himself and the world around him, as well as the numerous and overlapping dimensions of the universe. He writes, “I am interested in invisible and intangible matter itself.” Inspired by Buddhist and Taoist texts, in addition to works by astrophysicists, Choi’s paper works capture a spiritual energy and dynamism. Click through for more.

Images: Yun Woo Choi

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