The “Mehrzeller”, The Camper of the Future!

Images courtesy of NONSTANDARD

These days, itinerant lifestyles are all the rage, with travelling becoming easier and even job locations becoming more mobile. While a mobile existence might be fashionable (maybe?), mobile homes are traditionally less than cool. Indeed, no one has ever confused a camper with cool (the retrofuturistic Airstream, notwithstanding), but a new, “multicellular” caravan aims to change that. The folks over at NONSTANDARD have developed the Mehrzeller, the first customizable mobile home. The faceted cocoon-like shell can be personalized and tailor-made to accommodate all a customer’s caravanning desires. Continue.

Using an online design tool known as the ‘Configurator’, customers can create a design that is unique or choose from predesigned layouts. The computer then generates a configuration that is made accessible to architects who establish the final parameters for the design. NONSTANDARD produces the caravans using the principles of “mass customization” that allows for individualist designs to be accommodated while manufacturing the caravan through the same series of methods.

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