The Shard To Be Armed With Lasers For Its Inauguration

It’s a trap!” That’s how we’d expect Admiral Ackbar to have reacted had he been confronted with the threatening laser show planned for the Shard.  The structure, Western Europe’s tallest building, is less than a week away from the official celebration that will mark the external completion of the structure. Standing at 309-meters tall, the Shard will be celebrating with a light show that will illuminate the new landmark using 12 lasers and 30 searchlights. The inauguration will include quite the fanfare with the building itself generating the lightshow, which will target 15 London landmarks, including the London Eye and the Tower of London, with the use of colored lasers.  Contrary to what you’d expect, the soundtrack for the affair will not be set to the “The Imperial March“, but, rather, will be include Aaron Copeland’s ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ and a triumphant finale from Stravinsky’s ‘Firebird Suite’–to be peformed live by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The spectacle begins at 10:15pm on July 5th, but will also be streamed live via The Shard’s website and Facebook Page.  Although the viewing platform will not be open until February of 2013, tickets to ascend the tower will be available for purchase the day following the celebration.

[via Londonist]

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